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ROW Foundation works to improve the quality of care available to people with epilepsy and associated psychiatric disorders in under-resourced areas of the world through training, diagnosis and treatment.

ROW Foundation is the responsible entity for mobilizing all ROW resources, including funds received through ROW Global Health, as well as funds and medication from OWP Pharmaceuticals.

ROW Foundation partners with other organizations to maximize impact in under-served areas.

ROW Foundation is the point of contact for all program partners and for the development of new program partnerships.

Funding and Treatment Medication from ROW Foundation

ROW Foundation accepts proposals by invitation only, from potential partners that:

  • Focus on supporting people with epilepsy and/or associated psychiatric disorders
  • Operate in lower-resource regions
  • Operate as a legally registered organization (We cannot fund individuals directly.)

Please tell us about your work by connecting with our program team via the form below.